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You’ve asked and we’ve listened! You want to see how our customers style their abHair and the makeup looks that they create. Each month, we will feature a customer just like you and how they style their look. This month, we are highlighting this amazing look by @imogenhearts. She wears Baby Pink/Blonde Straight 24" Synthetic Lace Front Wig in this flirty YouTube video. ..

“Whether you have straight or natural hair, clip-ins are amazing for adding volume and length,” said celeb stylist Monaé Everett and newly minted ABHair ambassador. “They are also awesome for adding color and dimension – and can give your hair styles longevity and hold curls longer.”

American Board Certified Hair- colorist, hair stylist to the stars, and makeup artist Monae Everett recently partnered with abHair for a series of YouTube videos. Showcasing her expertise in the beauty industry, Everett dishes up tips and tricks for the everyday woman. Want to learn how to easily apply abHair clip-in extensions? We have a video for that.

Mermaid braids are all the rage! They can be seen at NYFW, summer music festivals and summer weddings. A volume packed mermaid braid is much easier to complete than you think.

The History of the WigWigs are a very known, common invention. If you want to get technical, a wig is a head covering that is made from synthetic fibres, animal hair or human hair. Wigs are worn for either fashion, cultural tradition, religious purposes, and other reasons. The word wig is derived from the word periwig, which is defined as a higher styled head covering used by judges and barristers as part of their professional dress code. The usages today have come very far: wigs are now used as fashion accessories and to hide baldness in some cases. Most people are not aware of the history of..
Wigs Dos and Don’tsDo Choose a Color that Matches Your SkinNo offense, but if a celebrity looks great with a particular color it may not suit you at all. It’s not about how beautiful they are, but it’s more about their complexity. The main thing you should always consider when choosing a wig or weft color is your skin tone. You can find a guide for choosing the right wig based on your skin color on this website, so use it to make sure you are looking your best. Do choose the best haircut for your face shape so also take a look at that to make the right choice. Do Choose a Wig With a Modern Hai..
Wigs are great and affordable ways  to enhance your physical appearance and hide baldness. Choosing the right wig is not easy, but with the right tips and guidance you should be able to select the perfect wig for you. One of the main things you must keep in mind when choosing a wig is the shape of your face, the same rule that applies to whatever hairstyle you choose. You may look at a celebrity and love the hairstyle they are use, however it doesn’t necessarily mean it will suit you the same way. In order to determine the right wig and hairstyle, the first step is looking at yourself in ..

Wigs and wefts are awesome ways to enhance your natural beauty and, in some cases, hide balding. Whatever the reason may be, wearing a wig is bound to make you look better, granted you choose the right wig.

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